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What is CAPE?

The annual CAPE research conference is a forum for APE-oriented scholars to present work in progress and receive feedback from the broader APE community. The conference includes book panels, theme panels, and breakout sessions focused on specific papers in progress.

The 2023 conference is scheduled for July 31 – Aug 2 on zoom. More information below.


VIRTUAL: July 31 - August 2, 2023, Noon to 3:15 PM ET

Day 1: Monday, July 31

Welcome & Introductions
Courts and the Restructuring of the American Political Economy
“Off-Balance: The Structurally Conservative Nature of American Courts” (Brian Highsmith, Harvard; Maya Sen, Harvard; Kathleen Thelen, MIT);
“Courting Climate Catastrophe: The Supreme Court and the Clean Air Act” (Warren Snead, Northwestern);
“Privatizing Employment Law: The Expansion of Mandatory Arbitration in the Workplace” (Sarah Staszak, Princeton);
“Big Business, Labor, anda New Via Media” (Calvin TerBeek, Trinity College);
Commenter: Emily Zackin, Johns Hopkins
Gendered Inequality in the American Political Economy
“Transformative Policy Feedback: Nonpartisan Belief Change through Parents’ Experiences with Public Pre-K” (Sophie Jacobson, Harvard);
"Understanding Policy Changes as Processes of Destruction and Construction: Gendered Labor Policies in the US and Sweden, 1960s-2020s" (Ann Shola Orloff, Northwestern);
“Crisis Politics and the Roles of Race and Gender in American Political Economy” (Dara Strolovitch, Yale);
Commenter: Dawn Teele, Johns Hopkins

Day 2: Tuesday, August 1 

Local Economic Governance
“Folk Economics and the Persistence of Political Opposition to New Housing” (Christopher Elmendorf, UC Davis; Clayton Nall, UC Santa Barbara; Stan Oklobdzija, Tulane);
“The Development of Participatory Institutions in Urban Politics” (David Foster, LSE; Joseph Warren, University of Alaska);
“The Effects of Macro-Segregation on Local Fiscal Capacity: Developing a Measure of Tax Base Fragmentation” (Brian Highsmith, Harvard; Robert Manduca, Michigan; Jacob Waggoner, Yale);
Commenter: Katherine Einstein, Boston University
Policy Leadership by APE Scholars
Alex Hertel-Fernandez, Columbia & US Department of Labor;
Sabeel Rahman, Brooklyn Law & Office of Management and Budget;
Leah Stokes, UC Santa Barbara & Inflation Reduction Act;
Commenter: Jacob Hacker, Yale

Day 3: Wednesday, August 2 

Race, Inequality, and the American Political Economy
“The Privatization of Racial Responsibility” (Jared Clemons, Temple);
“Public Sector Jobs and the Long Struggle for Racial Justice” (Sidney Milkis, University of Virginia; Katherine Rader, Christopher Newport University; Haley Stiles, University of Virginia);
“Expanding the Study of Racial Privilege in Business and Finance” (Tess Wise, Wake Forest);
Commenter: Chloe Thurston, Northwestern
Politics of the Clean Energy Transition
“Ownership Structure and Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Retirement” (Jacob Alder, Indiana University; Sam Trachtman, UC Berkeley);
“Re-associating Finance, Climate Change, and Central Banks” (Nicolas Jabko, Johns Hopkins; Nils Kupzok, Johns Hopkins);
“Corporate Ownership, Short-Termism, and Climate Policy Preferences” (Jared Finnegan, UCL; Jonas Meckling, UC Berkeley);
Commenter: Amanda Kennard, Stanford
Conclusion & Best Wishes
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Annual Conference Archives

Browse our highlights from past Conferences.

The 2022 conference had over 70 participants, and featured the following panels:

Theme Panel:

The Local Political Economy of Housing

Presenters: Katherine Einstein, Boston University; Michael Hankinson, George Washington University; Alexander Sahn, Princeton University
Theme Panel:

The Politics of Personal Debt

Presenters: Patricia Posey, University of Chicago; Chloe Thurston, Northwestern University; Andreas Wiedemann, Princeton University; Emily Zackin, Johns Hopkins University
Theme Panel:

The Federal Reserve in the American Political Economy

Presenters: Benjamin Braun, Max Planck Institute; Sarah Binder, George Washington University; Neil Fligstein, UC Berkeley; Alexander Reisenbichler, University of Toronto
Book Panel:

The Political Economy of Decarbonization

Alexander Gard-Murray, Brown University; Jonas Meckling, UC Berkeley; Leah Stokes, UC Santa Barbara; Sam Trachtman, UC Berkeley
Book Panel:

Governance, Parties, and Organized Interests

Sarah Anzia, UC Berkeley; Jesse Crosson, Trinity University; Alexander Furnas, Kellogg School of Management; Geoffrey Lorenz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The inaugural August 2021 conference had over 70 participants, and featured the following panels:

Theme Panel:

Race, Power, and the American Political Economy

Presenters: Jacob Grumbach, University of Washington; Jamila Michener, Cornell; Joe Soss, University of Minnesota; Vesla Weaver, Johns Hopkins
Theme Panel:

The “New Territoriality” in APE

Presenters: Clayton Nall, U.C. Santa Barbara; Tom Ogorzalek, Chicago Democracy Project; Jonathan Rodden, Stanford; Jessica Trounstine, U.C. Merced
Theme Panel:

Parties, Groups, Governance

Presenters: Sarah Anzia, U.C. Berkeley; Daniel Galvin, Northwestern; Jane Gingrich, Oxford; David Karol, University of Maryland
Book Panel:

Hijacking the Agenda: Economic Power and Political Influence

Presenters: Christopher Witko, Penn State; Jana Morgan, Nathan J. Kelly, University of Tennessee; Peter K. Enns, Cornell
Book Panel:

The Judicial Tug of War: How Lawyers, Politicians, and Ideological Incentives Shape the American Judiciary

Presenters: Adam Bonica, Stanford; Maya Sen, Harvard

We will be re-convening online in August 2022 for the second annual CAPE research conference. If you are interested in attending or presenting, please fill out the form below.