Small Grants and Prizes

We are currently in the process of setting up a small grants competition to support scholars who want to engage in APE community-building. Stay tuned for more! Activities we plan to support include:
  • Creating and teaching APE-relevant courses (we are especially excited by efforts that could use videoconferencing to offer APE courses across institutions with multiple instructors from the community).
  • Hosting book manuscript workshops for junior faculty working on APE-related topics (especially targeted to faculty at institutions that do not offer funding for book workshops).
  • Designing small “pop-up” research workshops around APE topics.
  • Promoting policy engagement, including work on policy-relevant research, writing, or outreach to policymakers, civic groups, or the public. We see this small grants program as helping to fulfill the direct objectives of our project—e.g., expanding the pedagogical impact of APE within political science—and also a way to provide leadership opportunities for others within the APE community.

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